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Our mission is to provide compassionate individualized healthcare and education that inspires our patients to strive for overall wellness.


Our therapies utilize natural healing methods to strengthen the body and remain in balance, thereby achieving optimal health and longevity. Each patient is treated as a whole to maximize the healing process and bring balance to the body.

Integrative Medicine

Vibrancy Wellness takes an integrative approach by combining all the modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine along with Functional medicine lab tests, whole food based nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

Chinese Medicine is comprised of a complex system of diagnostic methods that take the whole person into consideration, not just isolated symptoms. We address the root of illness while simultaneously treating the branches, otherwise known as symptoms. 

Natural Energy Flow

Chinese medicine is based on the theory that all of nature, including everything from the universe itself, to the human body exists in opposite yet complimentary forces. Energy in a healthy body flows smoothly through specific pathways. When there is an energetic imbalance, insufficiency, or blockage in one of more of these pathways, symptoms of disease or disharmony develop.

This medicine has been practiced for thousands of years with proven results for many conditions. These therapies guide the body to heal itself in the most harmonious way without dangerous side effects.



We will empower you to take control of your health and partner with you through the process. Our treatments lead to long-lasting results, increased energy and a greater sense of well-being.

We look forward to meeting you!

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